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In addition to feeding, walking, and playing with your pet, PawPrints' perfect roommates maintain litter boxes, administer medications, bring in mail and newspapers, water the yard and plants, and even take out the trash and keep your car battery charged.

"We encourage you to stay in touch with us during your travels. We are accessible via phone or e-mail and will let you know how things are going if you have any concerns or questions."

Sandra and all the Gang

As a proud owner of 24 cats, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you've done for us.
In the past 5 years they have been in your care, I have called on occasion with last-minute notice and you have never failed to come through for us. Just knowing my cats have you checking on them has allowed me to take care of other obligations assured they have been in good hands.

I have complete confidence in you, your abilities, and all my loved ones have adopted you as a "member of the family". Thanx 4 Everything.

Shari A.

We can unequivocally and without reservation recommend Diana Langley, of PAWPRINTS as the premier pet and house sitting service in San Diego. We are the owners of three large (all over 60 pounds) dogs. When they have been left in kennels they did not eat well and all lost weight, yet it cost us nearly $100 per day, and we returned to a home that smelled musty and dusty. With other pet sitting services the dogs were exercised only once per day and we returned home to a house that reeked of dirty dogs, dead plants, and general uncleanliness. Under PAWPRINT's care, It was a treat, not a chore to return home. The dogs had been brushed, the house vacuumed, and the plants thriving. We have used other services and kennels at greater expense and with less satisfaction. She obviously developed a rapport with our pets as they still greet her when seen in public.

James O.

Of all the pet sitting services, I chose you at random because I was rushing out of town. Upon my return, I realized that I had chosen THE BEST. The difference between you and other pet sitting services is that is it PERSONAL. You do it yourself because you care so much about the animals.

THANK YOU! I felt very assured while I was away and consider you now a trusted and reliable friend.

Laura A.

Just a quick note of thanks for Lori’s excellent care of Jack, Lily and Lucy while I was gone over the holidays. I know it was not easy walking 3 dogs who are deceptively strong and have a tendency to weave and pull in three different directions at will. Lori called me daily with updates and to let me know everything was fine. When I got home, amazingly, everything was as I left it and the dogs seemed happy and not suffering any stress. I have total confidence in Lori’s ability and so appreciative of her assistance. I’m a very picky person when it comes to the care of my dogs--not just because I love them so much, but because they are so hard to handle most of the time. I have to really have confidence in my pet sitter and after the first few minutes of meeting Lori I knew she was the girl for me. My instincts told me she was going to do just fine and I didn’t have a minute’s worry while I was out of town.