San Diego Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services


FAQ About PawPrints In-Home Pet Sitting of San Diego

gracieWhat is PawPrints?

PawPrints is a professional pet care service. We are licensed to conduct business within San Diego. We carry liability insurance, and certified in pet first aid and CPR.

What exactly do you do?

PawPrints is a full service home and pet care provider. We are a wonderful alternative to kennels, boarding at your vet, or relying on friends to watch your pets and home while you are away. Your pets are our highest priority, and will be lovingly cared for in your absence.

Dogs are walked around the neighborhood, yards are cleaned of pet waste, litter boxes cleaned, and fresh food and water provided each visit. Your pets are brushed, and time is set aside for playing with their toys, or just snuggling up if that’s their preference.

Medications are given on schedule, including insulin injections.

Included services at no extra charge: Bringing in mail and newspapers, taking trash to curb on trash day, moving your car on street sweeping days, watering plants, rotating lights and curtains to give your home a lived in look, and any other special requests that may be required.

How do I get started with your service?

The first time you use us, please call 5-7 days before your trip. A free consultation in your home will be scheduled at that time. It will give you the opportunity to meet your pet sitter. All the information needed to care for your pets and home will carefully be taken down, along with a service agreement for you to look over and sign. All of this takes approximately one hour.

Keys and payment are required at that time. It’s highly recommended that you leave keys on file with us for your future trips.

Your information and key will be kept securely with us. In the future, pet care is just a phone call away. It’s preferred to give as much notice as possible to reserve your pet sitting service, but every effort is made to accommodate emergencies and short notice trips.

Your keys can be returned at the end of our service, but a key pick-up fee is required the next time you use us.

I’ve used another San Diego pet sitting service. They have a high turnover rate, I never know who will show up.

Our staff is carefully screened and are subject to a background check and drug test. Knowing that you are more comfortable with the same person caring for your pets and home, your sitter will always be the same person. You and your pets will be able to build a lasting relationship with your sitter. There is qualified back up available in case of illness or scheduled time off. You will always be informed if this happens.

Where do you park your vehicle when you’re at my home?

We value and respect your privacy. Our sitters never park in front of, near your home or in your driveway. We always park a distance away and walk to your home. If you still have privacy concerns, your sitter will remove the magnetic signs when at your place.

Why should I use you rather than my neighbor or the kid down the block? They do it for free or very cheaply.

True, there are many alternatives to using a professional pet sitter. If you were totally comfortable with those options, you wouldn’t be reading this page right now.

With PawPrints, you are hiring a trained, insured, reliable and loving pet care provider. We provide a premium service that others can’t offer.

Our reputation of being the best petsitting business in San Diego (SD Reader, North Park News, and Yahoo!) was earned the old fashioned way….through meticulous care and attention to details.

Most new PawPrints clients are referrals from our current satisfied clients. That’s the kind of advertising that money can’t buy. We work hard to maintain that trust and confidence in our services